In the video He hasn’t seen his family since the beginning of the war Zelensky’s diary in his hiding place

Wearing a light beard and paramilitary uniform, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had a quick conversation, providing a wealth of information about his presidential team and family, at the start of the seventh day of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Zelensky said he spends his day like other Ukrainians in a period of war between work and sleep, shelter and confrontation.

The Ukrainian president expressed his regret for the continuing casualties of the war and the destruction that has distorted many of the features of his country, as well as the loss of basic infrastructure.

Speaking from hiding, the president says he spends the day with the same freedom as any Ukrainian in first line: “Work, sleep, stop”.

As for his family, Zelensky expressed his sadness at not being able to see his family, noting that he last saw them “before this war”.

And Zelensky appeared, during his meeting inside a heavily manned building, and was moving and joking cautiously, to suddenly listen to his foreman Andrei Yermak, who announced a new target.

As he walked through the corridors of his bunker, the head of his team Andrei Yermak surprised him with the news of the attack on Babin Yar, which contains a monument, a historical monument in Ukraine: “This is Russia. Congratulations.”

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