In the Web Version of Google Calendar, Google Tasks Now has its Own Dedicated Space

Getting things done, whether in a corporate setting or on a personal front, requires proper planning and time allocation. Popular calendar apps have played a vital role in facilitating task management and productivity. Google Calendar has been a favorite among users, especially due to its integration with Android and Google Workspace. Now, Google is taking productivity to the next level by integrating Google Tasks directly into Google Calendar for the web.

The Shift from Reminders to Tasks

Earlier this year, Google made a significant change by converting all recurring and legacy reminders from Google Assistant and Calendar events into tasks for the Google Tasks app. While users could still create events manually, all reminders were now transitioned to tasks, creating a more organized system for task management.

Consolidated View of Tasks in Google Calendar

Despite the transition, Google Calendar on the web lacked an integrated space to view all the Tasks. However, the company has now confirmed the web UI for Calendar will be changed to accommodate a consolidated view of upcoming Tasks. With a dedicated Tasks button beside the profile icon, users can easily switch between a calendar view and a full-screen view of their tasks. Additionally, the user interface allows for individual list previews, with the ability to expand or switch between lists using the sidebar navigation.

Optimized Layout and Interoperability

The integration also brings an optimized layout, allowing for seamless switching between list-style and calendar-style organization. Any changes or additions made to tasks in the dedicated web UI for Google Tasks will auto-sync with the Google Calendar view, ensuring no tasks are missed and everything remains organized.

Furthermore, Google Tasks has a dedicated web UI at, where all tasks and reminders created using Google Assistant are synchronized with Google Calendar. The tight integration between Google Assistant, Google Calendar, and Google Tasks is the finishing touch that the web UI of Google Calendar was lacking after the transition earlier this year.

Rollout and Impact

The change is already visible for some users and will be rolling out widely, with an estimated completion date of December 15. This integration will have a significant impact on both personal account holders and Workspace customers, enhancing their ability to manage tasks effectively and maximize productivity.

The tight integration of Google Tasks within Google Calendar for the web marks a significant milestone in task management and productivity. Users can expect a more streamlined and organized experience, with the ability to seamlessly switch between calendar and list views, all while ensuring tasks are synced across platforms. With this update, Google is transforming how users plan, allocate time, and manage tasks, ultimately enhancing productivity in both corporate and personal settings.

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