In this country .. “Uber” starts providing the booking service through the “WhatsApp” application

Uber and Meta have announced the launch of a flight booking service via the WhatsApp application in India. The collaboration, a first for the transport giant, will allow people to book an Uber ride without having to download the company’s app.

Everything, from user registration to transport booking to obtaining a travel receipt, will be managed in the WhatsApp chat interface.

According to a joint statement by the two companies, the service will start first in the northern city of Lucknow, and will soon be extended to other Indian cities. Nandini Maheshwari, Senior Director of Business Development of Uber EGEC, said the company wants to make it easier for all Indians to take a ride with Uber, and to do so, it needs to meet users on platforms they feel comfortable with.

With nearly half a billion users, India is the largest market using the popular WhatsApp application.

And the company “Uber” has announced that passengers who book through the “WhatsApp” application will be able to access the same safety and insurance protection features as those who book trips directly through the “Uber” application.

Some of these features include the ability to speak to the driver in anonymously and access the vehicle license plate at the time of booking.

Abhijit Bose, president of WhatsApp India, said: “The Uber experience on WhatsApp is simple, familiar and can be connected to users and has the potential to accelerate Uber adoption with a new class of users. in India. ”He explained who the company is in in the process of creating more “customized solutions for products and services.” in all sectors in India”.

The company announced that the service is only available in English, but will soon be implemented in Indian languages.

It is not the first time that Uber has tested an ambitious project in India. In 2015, Hyderabad became the first city in the world in Uber has started accepting payments in cash, an option that was later introduced in other markets for the company.

Uber said India is “one of the company’s largest international markets,” but declined to say how many users it had in India.

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