In this innovative way .. they rescued a dog stuck on the balcony

The story of rescuing a dog stuck on the edge of a balcony in Turkey has become the speech of the social media in the country after a documented Twitter account posted a video clip showing people rescuing a dog that got stuck on the edge of a building and was afraid of falling in street, as the video was widely circulated.

Video shows residents of an Istanbul building attempting to rescue the stuck dog as several people lifted a large carpet. in road for fear that the dog would fall, while another person in the neighboring apartment was arranging a large piece of wood on the balcony for the dog to walk to enter in house without being noticed falls towards the street.

Despite fears of the building’s residents that the dog might fall, according to the video, posted hours ago by a Turkish academic whose story is followed by more than a million people, he managed to walk on the piece of wood to enter. in home in safety.

Although commentators on the video clip on Twitter indicated that the dog could have been rescued from inside the house, another tweeter said the owner of the house in where the dog resides was not at home when the dog was stuck on the balcony and could never come back in house, so it was removed with a piece of wood.

Tweeters on Twitter praised the way in which the residents of the building faced the stuck dog, as they considered their behavior very human.

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