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Including 109 cases of killing. More than 3,000 Houthi violations against mosques

A Yemeni human rights report has revealed that more than 3,000 violations of mosques and places of worship have been documented by the Houthi terrorist militia, spanning nearly 8 years.

The Yemeni Network for Rights and Freedoms documented (3370) incidents of violations of mosques and places of worship in (14) Yemeni governorates, committed by Houthi militia, during the period from January 1, 2015 AD to April 30, 2022 AD

The network stated in a report that the Houthi militia committed (109) killings of preachers, mosque imams and worshippers, including (62) killings by direct fire, (17) killings by indiscriminate shelling, and (17) killings by indiscriminate bombing. 19) killings as a result of excessive use of force and battery and (11) cases of killings as a result of stabbing and use of knives, as well as (132) cases of personal injury.

The report indicated that the militia kidnapped (376) imams and preachers of mosques and worshipers, including (52) cases of physical and psychological torture, including (6) cases of torture to death in Houthi detention facilities, and in the governorate of Sana’a and in the secretariat of the capital is in top of the list in terms of violations.

Human rights report confirmed monitoring and recording 378 mosques, which Houthi militia turned in military barracks, while he transformed 54 mosques in an operations room for his war actions.

The network also expressed its condemnation in the strongest terms for the heinous massacre committed by the Houthi terrorist militia in Hays district, Hodeidah governorate late last week.

On Friday, the report indicated that the militias committed the crime of targeting the mosque in Al-Roun village, west of Hays district, with two missiles from an Iranian-made drone while performing the prayer of on Friday, killing two civilians and wounding five others, including children.

He said this heinous massacre adds to the string of crimes committed by the Houthi terrorist militia since the start of the coup and its systematic attack on residential districts, houses, mosques and public markets, aiming to inflict as many victims victims among innocent civilians, in the light of the surprising and unjustified international silence.

The Human Rights Network called on the international community, the United Nations, UN and US envoys, and human rights organizations and bodies to take responsibility for stopping these crimes, work to include the Houthi militia on international terrorist lists and prosecute and prosecute its leaders in international courts as “war criminals”.

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