Increase in Abuse of New Audio Playback Tool

Eleven Labs, la start-up behind an AI voice cloning tool, he says he’s seen an “increase in abusive use” of his software while vocal manipulation proliferates online.

The London firm recently launched a beta version of its platform to create “tools that produce words that sound very close to reality” after raising $2 million.

Users of the anonymous page “4chan” shared messages created using the program containing rumors false of a number of celebrities, including British actress Emma Watson and American broadcaster Joe Rogan, with the aim of making them utter racist and gender-sensitive phrases.

In one of these messages, a voice similar to that of Emma Watson is heard reading an excerpt from the book “Mein Kampf” by Adolf Hitler, while in another message is heard a voice similar to that of the American analyst Ben Shapiro who threatens to rape the congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio – Cortez.

The voices of directors Quentin Tarantino and George Lucas were also used in improper way.

“We want to address this by taking additional protective measures,” Eleven Labs tweeted on Monday.

Among the startup’s suggestions are strengthening the user identification process, better IPR verification for forms, and adopting manual verification procedures.

And “Eleven Labs” is one of several companies developing programs based on software of artificial intelligence that anyone can use.

These tools have garnered a lot of attention since OpenAI launched the GBT chatbot late last year in able to answer a variety of questions and write texts.

However, these programs are accompanied by concerns related to “deepfake” technology, which relies on the digital manipulation of images or sounds to match reality.

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