Increase in gas prices for families and private companies in Germany from October

Welt TV, citing Trading Hub Europe, which unites Germany’s national gas distribution companies, said that in October, gas fees for families and private companies will be 2.4 cents per kilowatt-hour.

For its part, a representative of the German Ministry of Economy said at a press briefing that it is currently unclear whether this amount will be additionally subject to value added tax, and Brussels has not yet received a response to a request about this from Berlin.

The spokesman added that Economics Minister Robert Habek intends to make a special announcement on the gas tax in the afternoon.

“The government sees the gas tax as a heavy burden for the Germans. The chancellor has already spoken about this several times and made it clear that in addition to these collections, the state will provide funds and assistance by October 1,” said First Deputy German Government Spokesperson Martina Hoffmann.

Source: RIA Novosti