‘Incredible Joy’: in 1st Israel doctors separate heads of Siamese twins

doctors in Israel has successfully separated twin siamese at the head for the first time – and say that after the 12-hour “life of” deathoperation, both babyit’s probably going to live completely normal life.

dr. Isaac Lazar told The Times: of Israel of the remarkable moment on Sunday when the girls looked at each other for the first time, after a year attached to their heads, but not in able to see one another, and of the “incredible joy” die the parents felt.

“When the nurses separated the pass babybrought them together, they looked at each other, made sounds, and touched each other gently — it was beautiful,” Lazar said. “You could see the communication between them, and it was… just So special.”

Any member of the huge medical team, die was already planning the operation before the baby’s there were born last August, was aware that a single slip could have disastrous consequences. “Everyone wrong decision could have been the difference between life and death,” said Lazar, director of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit of the Soroka University Medical Center in Beersheba.

“It was so delicate, because the surgery was done between major blood vessels in the heads of the baby’s, we all knew that any bleeding could have catastrophic consequences.”

But the sophisticated Israeli technology that created 3D models for doctors to practice on, and hundreds of hours of preparation, helped everything run smoothly.

‘Incredible Joy’: in 1st Israel doctors separate heads of Siamese twins

Conjoined twins, photographed before they were separated in the Soroka University Medical Center in Beersheba. (Courtesy of Soroka University Medical Center)

“Because the babythat couldn’t… move their heads for the first 12 months of their lives, there is a physical disability, but with the right rehabilitation for their physical and cognitive development, we expect them catch up with their milestones,” said Lazar, adding that there is a “high” chance”they will” live normal lives.

Each step on the road to divorce was “hugely complex”, he said added, even the couple in hospitalization – like intensive care rooms are designed until treat and monitor a single patient, but two had to be here together in be admitted to hospital. “We had to double the whole setup, which was really bad hard.”

3D imaging of Conjoined Twin Heads Prior to Their Divorce in the Soroka University Medical Center in Beersheba. (Courtesy of Soroka Medical Center)

But this was nothing compared met the operation, die… took place at the end of last week. “It was complicated above all one could think of,” Lazar said. “The baby’s were connected by the back of their heads in An area where there was no skin and no skull. We had to take action to make them grow more skin.”

Conjoined twins are extremely rare and every couple is different so there were a limited number research that would help. Lazar and his team decided to make inflatable silicone bags in to place adjacent parts of their head, between the scalp and the skull, and start growing skin on top of them.

Part of a medical team die conjoined twins divorced in the Soroka University Medical Center in Beersheba. (courtesy of Soroka University Medical Center)

“Every few days sterile water was in the bags, increasing their volume,” he explained. “This stretched the skin slowly. After five to six months became these met water filled sacs and skin die she covered like big as the baby’s heads, and it looked like like each baby had two heads.

“When these ‘balloons’ were ready, the babys are being recorded for surgery. The Separation Operation took 12 hours, and ended with doctors die in split in two teams working in two separate operating rooms, performing a reconstruction of the skull of each of the girls and closing the skin.

After surgery, the twins were transferred to the ICU, on a ventilator and anesthetized. The next day they started breathing on their own and today [Sunday] she met each other for the first time, which was just amazing.”

Lazar noted: “A of the reasons for do this now, as early as possible, is to allow normal development, and we hope this is very likely now.”

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