Indeed: Amazon and Walmart have the most vacancies in Silicon Valley

Machine learning engineers are at the top of the salary list at $ 172,000, while software engineers are at the bottom with $ 112,000.

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Engineers are still kings on the Silicon Valley labor market, but the landscape can change, according to a new analysis by Indeed. The vacancy agency noted a general decline in technology-related jobs in the valley in 2019.

Indeed, data from his job openings and site searches analyzed to determine which jobs in Silicon Valley were the most in demand, who made the most money, and which companies had the most job openings in the region.

Indeed, the decline may have been due to technology companies opening offices in new cities, such as Austin and New York, although there is no dramatic difference in the cost of living in both places compared to the Bay Area.

Indeed discovered that Amazon does the most recruitments in Silicon Valley and accounts for 4% of all technology related vacancies. Walmart is next on 3% of all offers. Apple, Cisco and Google are in fourth, fifth and sixth place respectively. Deloitte is number seven with almost 1% of all technical vacancies. Deloitte is one of the largest accounting and consulting companies in the world and is at the forefront of cloud computing jobs.

Engineering and developer tasks made up 14 of the 20 most requested positions. There were 2 non-technical roles in the top 10: product managers at # 3 and data scientists at # 8. Apart from devops at # 9, the rest of the top 10 is all about software:

  1. Software developer
  2. Senior software engineer
  3. Product manager
  4. Software architect
  5. Full stack developer
  6. Front-end developer
  7. Senior product manager
  8. Data scientist
  9. Engineer development activities
  10. Software test engineer

The highest salary list looks a bit different. Although there is a high demand for software engineers, they are on the low side of the wage scale at $ 112,969. Machine learning technicians are at # 18 on the jobs in the questionnaire, but according to the analysis, they earn the most money with $ 172,792. DevOps is in the middle of the salary list at $ 128,495.

  1. Machine learning engineer $ 172,792
  2. Lead Software Engineer $ 169,268
  3. Platform engineer $ 154,801
  4. Senior software engineer $ 142,794
  5. Software architect $ 142,372
  6. Senior system engineer $ 141,013
  7. Senior product manager $ 134,547
  8. Cloud engineer $ 132,852
  9. iOS developer $ 131,979
  10. Dev ops engineer $ 128,495

The salaries for the best paid jobs are based on the average of technology related vacancies in the Silicon Valley region from January 2018 to October 2019.

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Indeed vacancies in Oakland, San Jose and San Francisco were also looked at. Cisco has the most technical job openings in San Jose, while Amazon is in charge in San Francisco. In Oakland, the Kaiser Permanente healthcare system does the most technical recruitment.

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Indeed, salary lists analyzed to determine which technical professionals had the highest salaries in Silicon Valley in 2019.

Image: Indeed

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