"Independent"Energy bills burden Britons in 2022

The Independent newspaper reported that UK energy consumers faced unprecedented bills in 2022, forcing the government to intervene to protect people from serious economic harm from rising energy prices.

A British newspaper pointed out that an energy crisis was what 2022 was known to the British, and the war in Ukraine led to the closure of gas pipelines and even the explosion of some of them, there were warnings of the first blackouts in decades, indicating that in the midst of this the government promised to pay more from 30 pence each time someone turns on their oven for about half an hour.

And she said that “the war has gripped and put pressure on an already volatile energy market, pushing European gas prices to their highest level ever,” noting that “by May, the government had to commit to paying £400 . to the accounts of every family in the country, in addition to an additional allowance for the most vulnerable groups.

She added: “As the months passed, it became clear that the measures taken by the government would not be enough to protect people from freezing in their homes this winter. That’s when the government was forced to take an emergency measure by passing a potentially unlimited bill to help households buy energy.” families would only pay 34p per unit of electricity and 10.3p per unit of gas to maintain their homes, with the government paying the rest, no matter the amount.

Source: The Independent