India and Russia: Afghanistan could become a huge opium factory

Russia and India warned Wednesday that Afghanistan, under Taliban control since mid-August, could transform in a drug manufacturing center.

He warned the two countries, according to Reuters quoting a government source, that the country will become a huge center for opium production.

Fear of extremism too

This came after the two countries’ national security advisers Nikolai Patrushev, Russian and Indian Ajit Duval held talks on the Afghan dossier, warning of the danger of terrorist and extremist groups.

A source from the Indian government also clarified that the two sides agreed on the danger posed by extremist groups present in the country to the security of Central Asian countries and India.

It produces 85% of the world’s opium

It is interesting to note that the opium trade has been an important source of wealth for many years in Afghanistan: The country’s opium crude drug production was around 4,660 tons in the 1990s, precisely 3 years after the start of Taliban rule.

To date, the country remains the world’s leading opium producer.

According to United Nations data, the country produced 85 percent of the opium produced in around the world last year, surpassing major global producers such as Myanmar and Mexico.

India and Russia: Afghanistan could become a huge opium factory

Opium growers in Afghanistan (Reuters)

Despite its rigorous commitment, in recent years the movement has allowed the opium trade, including banning citizens from consuming hashish and cigarettes.

But with many countries around the world stopping material aid in Kabul since the movement’s advent, questThe latter is suffering from a suffocating economic crisis, which could push him again to turn to the “drug treasure”.

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