India … Corona deaths and injuries by the thousands and tuk-tuks to order die Injured in Transport hospitals

Today, Friday, India has in registered 414,188 new cases of coronavirus in the last twenty-four hours, in … New daily record increaseWhile die daily deaths jumped to 3,915.

The number of injuries in the country currently stands at 21.49 million while die Total number of deaths has reached 234,083. India registered Alone in this week there are 1.57 million cases and more than 15,100 deaths.

The government of the Indian capital New Delhi has a group of tuk-tuks in temporary ambulances converted to people infected with the coronavirus given the small number of ambulances in Transport hospitals.

Transport of the injured in a tuk-tuk

Calling an ambulance has been slowed down due to the increasing number of Covid-19 cases, die die Exceeded the health system’s absorption capacity, very difficult. The families had to make special arrangements, including paying large amounts to them private Ambulance companies to die Injured in Transport hospitals.

In collaboration with a non-profit organization die Government of Delhi provided more than 12 tuk-tuks with sterilization materials for hands and masks, and with oxygen bottles if necessary The service, which officially launched on Tuesday, is available for free.

About 230 million Indians are in poverty

This emerges from a new study, die was created by an Indian university and concluded that die Covid-19 epidemic last year about 230 million Indians in the cycle of poverty has pushed from those die most women and young men are while die current second wave of the corona virus threatens die To aggravate the situation.

Those from “Azim Premji University” in Study published in Bangalore found that die strict closure imposed by the Indian government last March resulted in around 100 million people losing their jobs and around 15% not finding new jobs by the end of the year

According to the study published on Wednesday, women were most affected. 47% of workers were unable to secure a job even after the restrictions were lifted.

The Impact of the Epidemic on Poor Families

“Despite the generally lower incomes were die Impact of the epidemic on poor families is more serious, “it said in the study, in the die Poor than die Category have been identified, die lived on less than 375 rupees ($ 5) a day.

Although Asia’s third largest economy was already experiencing a long-term slowdown before COVID-19 die Epidemic swept away profits for years.

It was expected that around 50 million Indians would emerge from poverty last year. Instead they disappeared die Income of 20% of the poorest households completely in April and May as business ceased completely.

Many families coped with lost income by spending less on food and loans, as 20% of study participants found that their food consumption did not improve even after six months.

Last year’s closure resulted in a mass exodus of millions of migrant workers, die in their villages moved, in hoping to return to the labor market after the economy reopens.

However, the study found that one in three people under the age of 25 could not find work until the end of the year.

The study’s authors urged New Delhi to expand the framework for financial incentives by offering free food and cash transfers to the poorest families and an employment program in start the hardest hit areas.

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