India is suffocating . and France is known to react with oxygen

The promised French aid to India, die is exposed to a second severe wave of Covid-19, according to AFP correspondents hit on Sunday in a specially shipped cargo plane in New Delhi a.

The cargo plane landed early Sunday morning in the Indian capital with 28 tons of medical equipment including eight large capacity oxygen generators, die for the production of medical oxygen from the air to supply hospitals, shared die French authorities in an explanation with.

The statement stated that this device can also fill bottles at a rate of 20,000 liters per hour and that each ward can serve an Indian hospital with a capacity of 250 beds without interruption for a period of twelve years.

These oxygen stations will be opened on Sunday at the request of the Indian authorities, die identified their needs, delivered six to eight Indian hospitals in New Delhi, one in Haryana state (north) and one in Telangana state (central).

New Delhi recorded in 27,000 new infections and 375 deaths in the last 24 hours. This is evident from the latest figures, die the Ministry of Health published on Saturday.

This delivery also includes 28 respirators and 200 electric injection presses.

The huge country of 1.3 billion people recorded in the last 24 hours fast 400,000 new infections.

“India got us last year in helped French hospitals when there was a huge need for medicines, “said the French ambassador in India, Emmanuel Lenin time, in which the country is facing difficulties. “

On the other hand quit die Authorities in New Delhi on Saturday die Extension of the closure, die they had imposed to contain Covid for a week.

“The lock in New Delhi has been extended by a week, “the city’s Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Twitter.

The current closure should end on Monday, however die Number of injuries in the city of 20 million people is growing rapidly.

Experts suggest that die actual number of cases with an infection rate of 33% is much higher.

All beds were in the city’s hospitals filled, die suffered from a lack of medicine and oxygen, and die Patients now spent outside of them without receiving treatment.

The cemeteries in New Delhi was full of victims and crematoria were all around die Clock in Operation, even in parking lots.

And in April the country recorded seven million new cases of Covid-19.

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