India listed in a week about die Half of the world’s injuries and a quarter of the deaths

The World Health Organization announced today, Wednesday, that India recorded 46 percent of the world’s new infections last week, along with a quarter of the deaths.

The organization said in their weekly epidemic report that last week there were 5.7 million cases worldwide and more than 93,000 deaths. Alone in India recorded 2.6 million new cases, up 20 percent from the previous week and 23,231 deaths.

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In addition, based die Data on official statistics, which means that the proportion of India can be much higher, as many experts believe that a number
A large number of injuries and deaths go unrecorded under the great pressure on the health system. India’s population makes up about 18 percent of the world’s population.

It is noteworthy that die high cases of HIV infection in India, which includes the highly contagious Indian tribe, have resulted in die Hospital beds are fully filled, oxygen is scarce, and body flow to morgues and crematoriums increases.

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Many also died in Ambulances and parking garages while waiting for an empty hospital bed or an oxygen bottle.

On Monday the country has die Exceeded the limit of 20 million cases, making it the second country after the USA to reach this number.

Today, Wednesday, data from the Indian Ministry of Health showed that die daily death toll rose to a record 3,780 deaths within a few hours
382,315 new cases have been recorded in the past twenty-four years.

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