India versus England: can Virat Kohli soon duck under the thin spot?

And if you look at it in an individual context, too, the Kohli vs Anderson competition offered a limited view in this four-game series. By India’s first innings in the fourth Test, Kohli has had 52 Anderson balls and 11 runs without being dismissed. He was thrown 37 balls in the first test in Chennai.

Kohli only received fewer shipments from Anderson in that traumatic away streak in 2014 – 50 balls for 19 runs and four drops. Against Anderson in 2012, Kohli negated 81 balls (made 23 runs), 112 balls in 2016 (at home, made 69 runs), and 270 balls (and made 114 runs) in 2018 (away).

The difference in 2021 is that Kohli never lasted long enough to duel with Anderson other than those two innings at MA Chidambaram Stadium, and neither is it entirely Anderson’s thing. The series offered a microcosm of Kohli’s troubles since that double hundred against Bangladesh at the end of 2019. The Indian captain didn’t score an international hundred after that, despite having exceeded 50 across formats a few times.

The whole time Kohli didn’t look jerkily or shakily at the crease. In the second test in Chennai, Moeen Ali tossed him a gem, which spun a few miles from outside the tree stump to defeat his defenses. You don’t get a ball like that often, do you? In the ongoing test in Motera, Ben Stokes hit the edge of his racket with a blank, causing the ball to spring up from a good length. Perhaps a smaller batsman than Kohli could not have sneaked it.

It’s also not that he didn’t try to get out of the rut. After being bowled cleanly by Moeen in the first innings of the second Test, in which he attempted this expansive drive, Kohli put a brake on his instinct to drive. It could have been immensely difficult for him not to play a shot that made baggy runs against spinners in the past. The result was a 96-year alliance with R Ashwin.

“I take great pride in improving and correcting mistakes very quickly. I probably haven’t done that in the past. On a few occasions I’ve been rigid. When I make a mistake, I make sure I understand I’m in the.” next innings has to hit as much as possible in the middle, “said Kohli after the second test.

It’s exactly the approach that great players take. Do you remember the Sachin Tendulkar episode! During the 2003-04 Australian tour, Tendulkar was fired for offside shots and the Mumbaikar waived all offside shots during the Sydney Test to register a double hundred. Kohli’s reward for avoiding the risk wasn’t that elaborate, but it reflected his ardent desire to be among the big runs again.

It should not be forgotten that since January 2020 Kohli has only played 7 tests, 9 ODIs and as many T20Is and took a little girl into his family earlier this year. In this passage, his average on tests is just slightly above 28, 47.9 in ODIs, and just over 36 in T20Is, but they give us an even paler look due to some astronomical numbers he’s hit since the 2012-13 season and on top of that stayed for a very long time.

It just might be that Kohli, an intense cricketer, is getting back to his craft. Sometimes a champion finding his way back is just as fascinating as he is at the top of the line.

The story after his 0 in the first innings of the 4th Test against England

1 12th test duck.

2 5th duck against England and 3rd duck in his last 7 innings against England.

3. It was his second duck in the series.

4. Ben Stokes joined Pat Cummins, Moeen Ali, Stuart Broad and James Andersonas bowlers who fired Kohli 5 times.

5. This is only the second series in which Kohli was released for 2 ducks. It happened earlier in England in 2014.

6. This was Kohli’s 8th Duck as the captain of the India Test and matched MS Dhoni’s undesirable record.

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