India versus England: Prasidh Krishna reveals his idol Brett Lee and copies every bowler as a child

“Nobody really advised me to take cricket as a career option. It’s just that my school coach Srinivas Murthy found out I was tall and I got the ball back. So he’s the one who corrected my running technique first, the angle of mine Running, my burden and all that.

“Through all of that, I also realized that I was getting faster and better. I got tougher with things. Then I realized that there is something about fast-paced bowling. And like I said, I’ve always had a thing for Brett Lee was someone, which I always looked up to, “Krishna quoted the official website of Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR).

“So it all started from school when Srinivas Murthy Sir helped me. And yes, from then on it was a mixture of everyone’s efforts. I sure remember one thing. Every cousin, every older cousin who went with me on the.” Street went street, was embarrassed because I imitated every single bowler in the world.

“Throughout my trip down the street, I mimicked actions and then tried to be that guy, be that guy and try to copy every single weirdo or fast bowler. From then on, it’s all natural – you run into it , it all starts with the way you walked in and then you charge up. And I’m happy to have a really smooth action that way, “he added.

Prasidh Krishna

In his debut game, Krishna returned with the numbers 4/54 from his 8.1 overs, which included a virgin over. In particular, these are an Indian’s best numbers when debuting in ODIs. Krishna thought about T20 cricket, emphasizing that this format is about adapting to situations as quickly as possible as it is a “really quick game”.

“It’s a really fast-paced game – T20. So it’s all about how quickly you are ready to adapt! Because as a bowler, I don’t think there is anyone who just wants to go bowling for a length of time. You want to do something “You want the batsman to do something, you want to try things. So that’s where T20 comes in because it challenges you to see how many different things you can do and how consistently you can do it,” he said.

“That way I was pretty happy and my height helped me with the Yorkers because it was pretty hard for them to beat because it came from a really good size. And from that point on it was all about learning skills and being able to look at people and invent your own things.

“Nobody really planned for me. I got in the way. You didn’t know what variations I had, and like I said, T20 is such a fast game that you don’t pick a few balls and the end is done because you have not really time to think, plan and put on a bowler. You have to be there from the first ball, “added Krishna.

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