India’s WTC triumph can take a test cricket what the T20 World Cup did in 2007: Cheteshwar Pujara

One of die shiny products of the traditional Format, pujara made no bones in admit that playing the WTC final against New Zealand is a “big Deal” for him even though he would try treat it like another game of cricket.

“Yes of Of course I think test cricket must survive and with this WTC final is definitely going to be help“Said Pujara during the virtual media conference on Tuesday if asked for that epic World T20 victory of Mahendra Singh Dhonis men in South Africa back in 2007.

“If we win, more young players in India will want to play exam cricket. And overall even over die world, Exam cricket must survive and that is a very good way to do it to have this WTC, “said India’s trusted number 3

It is personal die hard work of two years, die Have borne fruit and die team is within the distance of a ultimate Triumph.

“Personally, it means a lot since I do play just one Format (tests). this is that first Time we are playing this WTC final. As a team, we worked hard over a period of Time. You need to win so many series away and around home. It takes a lot to be at the top of hard work. It is like a world cup final in any other format.

“This is that first time in Test format, but it is very similar to playing a world cup final in ODI or T20. As a team we look forward to the final,” he said.

Pujara, just like his colleague, Ravichandran Ashwin, agreed that New Zealand will have an advantage if it does in die final with two test series against England offers them die proper preparation.

“Well it is (New Zealand advantage). But that’s something we can’t control. It was a challenge” times all over the world because of die Pandemic. You can’t have all the luxury of have extra time for Preparation. “The game is still possible on, that’s the most important part. For all of us, we are playing the final which is very important. Even if die Preparation time is shorter, just maybe it is a little of a disadvantage for us but when you’re ready for the challenge, even in no auspicious circumstances, you still want to do well “, Pujara, who has 6000 plus runs in Tests said.

said Pujara during the intra-squad simulation match, die most of die Bowlers wanted to keep up with their workload fast increase three weeks of Quarantine. The batsmen also had center wicket match Situations as well net Workout during everyone of die Days.

“It will back in the rhythm for both batters and bowlers. We were in Quarantine, but we started our training and practice. So when we were out There in the middle us wanted to do the best out of it. We also had some practice wickets available even during the practice games.

“If you are in die Middle, you want do sure that die Things you’ve been working on on in the nets should come with me. Even for die Bowlers have to get involved die Get used to workload, 14-15 overs in the whole game that is very important to prepare for the final. “

The batsmen concentrated on die Left swinging deliveries early and on purpose on playing Shots, die they missed at first out. “Dough is about spending some time in die Middle, with this discipline of die Leave balls, playing die Recordings, die You usually play In the nets. So, get used to the real thing game, basically have that match Scenario is very important for the team. “

A team player Pujara praised to the core die pace Quartet consisting of Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammed Shami, Ishant Sharma and Umesh Yadav, who now have Mohammed Siraj and Shardul Thakur for Companies. Thakur is not there of final fifteen.

“The reason we have die reached final Because of our bowling. You could 20. to take wickets and you have won so many tests for us over a period of Time. Our pacemakers are ready for these challenge”Said Pujara.

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