Indonesia volcano: after Mount Semeru erupted, rescuers dig through thick layers of hot ash

mountain Semeru, one of Indonesia’s most active volcanoes erupted Saturday and smoldering hot ash and volcanic gas in the air that turned the sky dark over villages in East Java’s Lumajang District.

The death toll increased to 34 on Tuesday, the head of the task force for in charge of the eruption of Mount Semeru, Colonel of the Infantry Irwan Surbekti, said on a news conference.

On Monday, the National Council of Indonesia for Disaster Management (BNPB), said about 2,000 people had been evacuated over 19 makeshift centers.

Nearly 3,000 homes and 38 schools have been damaged by the rubble, according to a statement from the Command Post for emergency aid of Mount Semeru. the eruption also destroyed a bridge die Lumajang . connects with neighboring Malang district, blocks access of the main road and obstructing rescue attempts, the added.

Maulana Ardiansyah, a Baznas Search and Rescue volunteer team told CNN the group found three bodies — one Man, one woman, and one child — submerged in cold lava in Kampung Renteng Village Monday morning.

Among the evacuees were hundreds of villagers who lived in near a dam die Monday erupted due to cold lava and heavy rain, Operational Chief of Search and Rescue I Wayan Suyatna told CNN.

He added that Monday’s search should be stopped twice because of pyroclastic clouds — a mix of ash, rock and volcanic gases die can be a lot more more dangerous than lava.

“Hot volcanic cloud is dangerous for the team safetysaid Suyatna weather here is also Real bad. (It is) dark and rainy.”

Villagers save what they can from their damaged homes in the village of Sumber Wuluh in Lumajang on Dec 6, 2021.

Video shared on Monday by BNPB shows met rubble-filled mud stretching for miles around the volcano. Villages are all abandoned and vehicles remain submerged under the silt, while thousands of trees are covered in a blanket of ashy dust.

Local resident, Hosniya, 31, told Reuters that the eruption took her by surprise.

“Bee firstI thought it was a bomb explosion… suddenly it was all dark, like it would go destroy the earth,” she said.

Hosniya was evacuated with her family, but they weren’t in able to take something with they but their official newspapers, Reuters reports.

Members of a search and rescue operation team perform a search for missing people in  the village of Sumberwuluh on Dec 6, 2021.

In the village of Sumberwuluh, where 16 houses were buried under ash, residents rushed to evacuate their livestock on trucks Sunday. roofs of multiple of the houses of the village had collapsed in, leaving stones and metal rods visible.

Aftershocks from the eruption were: also felt by some residents of Kobokan and Kanjar villages late on Sunday. They were later evacuated to a shelter in a nearby neighborhood.

the Indonesian government said it was preparing a move process for villagers who Are their… lost home in the eruption. BNPB said it will provide them with financial help for the government can she move?

A man rides a bicycle past damaged homes in the village of Sumber Wuluh in Lumajang on Dec 6, 2021.

Indonesia is located between two continental plates on what is known as the Ring of Fire, a band around the basin of the Pacific ocean die leads to high levels of tectonic and volcanic activity.

In January, Mount Merapic on Java Island erupted, to shoot up a cloud of ash die authorities to warn of the risk of lava die roads reached. The volcano erupted met violence out in 2010, killing more than 350 people.

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