Infantino believes that foreign workers in Qatar are proud of their hard work

PARIS: Italian-Swiss FIFA president Gianni Infantino said on Tuesday that migrant workers are proud of their hard work, in answer to a question about the conditions for foreign workers to build stadiums and infrastructure for the World Cup in Qatar. Infantino said they would be proud of their participation in the construction of the stadiums for the World Cup, which will be held at the end of questyear in the gas-rich Gulf state. Infantino was asked at the Milken Institute global conference in Los Angeles, US if FIFA would make “any kind of commitment” to help the families of dead workers. in Qatar. Although the FIFA president’s answer was not direct to the question, he referred to the question of setting a minimum wage and improving workers’ rights. in Qatar, saying: “Let’s not forget when we talk about this topic, which is work, even hard work, hard work.” “America is the country of immigration,” she added. My parents also emigrated from Italy in Swiss. When you give someone work, too in difficult circumstances, you give him dignity and pride. It is not charity. You don’t believe. Don’t give someone something and say ok stay where you are. I feel good because I can give you something ”. Three people died during the construction of the stadium, Infantino said, and “when it comes to building the World Cup stadiums – and we investigate all these things with third parties – three people are dead.” He added that other workers “may have died in other jobs and so on viaand obviously FIFA is not the world police or responsible for everything that happens in the world. “” Thanks to FIFA and thanks to football, we have been in able to handle the situation of 1.5 million working workers in Qatar, “he added. Qatar denies the number of deaths among foreign workers reported by some media and says he has introduced a number of reforms to his labor regulations since he was chosen to host the World Cup. (AFP)