Infantino: The 2022 World Cup in Qatar will be special and exceptional

Doha: The Swiss Gianni Infantino, president of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA), stressed that the Qatar World Cup 2022 will be special and exceptional, as it will be hosted on the ground of 8 very high quality stadiums and according to the latest technologies a globally, and at close range, will allow for two to three matches a day to be watched and more than 3 million fans are expected to visit Qatar and more than half of the world’s population will follow the tournament during a dialogue session titled Countdown to the Greatest Event on Earth as part of the activities of the Qatar Economic Forum in collaboration with Bloomberg, held in the Qatari capital, Doha, Infantino spoke of the design of the official football for the World Cup in Qatar scored “Journey”, which led in arm during the session, describing it as a badge, saying that in addition to being the official World Cup ball, it also bears the name of the Qatar Economic Forum, and is dedicated only to this forum, in addition to the fact that the journey of this tournament in Qatar was accompanied by different fluctuations and circumstances. He added that ticket sales for the finals are high, revealing that there are discussions to increase the capacity of the stadium despite the difficulty. On Qatar’s readiness to host the World Cup, Infantino stressed that the country and the region are eagerly awaiting this tournament: “A year before the World Cup I did not see so much readiness and now we are preparing day by day and moment by moment to welcome more of two million fans to make this experience exceptional and special “, denying his concern for the capacity of the hotel, in particular for the fact that in addition to hotels, this tournament will witness pleasant accommodation experiences by receiving fans in tents in the middle of the desert, which is a splendid opportunity, and continued: “Besides that the tournament will be hosted by the State of Qatar, it is also a tournament for the countries The Cooperation Council (Gulf) and the Middle East. Gianni Infantino, speaking of what was promoted in about the situation of workers in the World Cup plants, he referred to his visit in Qatar after his election in 2016, saying, “Things have changed thanks to Qatar’s legislation and willingness to go beyond all the observations that were recorded when the system was abolished. Bail, minimum wage increase, other incentives and improvements, and I live here to keep track of everything, and it’s all right. The FIFA president added: “What we have achieved now in Europe takes hundreds of years, and here we are working together to ensure that what has been achieved continues even after the World Cup “, welcoming the Organizing Committee, FIFA and all Qataris to all visitors and fans of the tournament, who stressed that it will be “exceptional and unprecedented, given the advanced funds and equipment provided.” Infantino invited visitors, who will come in Qatar to follow their teams, to respect the culture of the country and the region, saying in this regard: “Qatar welcomes everyone, since every visitor will be able to see the extent of the development that the country is experiencing at all levels and are sure that everyone will be followed. A very impressive and sophisticated World Cup, and criticism will rise from the reality of the situation as soon as they give the signal for the start of the tournament. “He stated that there are great players, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Leo Messi, Mbappe and Neymar, who will take part in this tournament, which will be held in the coming months (November) and (December) next, in coinciding with the start of the season and its summit, emphasizing that the organization of the tournament in summer will be in a period in which players suffer from tiredness and exhaustion, but by organizing a tournament in winter, as it will happen for the first time in Qatar, “will do in way to have the best World Cup not only from the point of view of the public, but in terms of player performance and surrender in field “. (dpa)