Infiltrate and eliminate in Silent Assassin, now available on Roblox for Xbox One


  • Silent Assassin combines fast-paced cat-and-mouse battles with the unpredictable antics of a fast-paced multiplayer shooter.
  • Players can use the coins they receive at the end of each round to get more weapons, benefits, and equipment.
  • Silent Assassin was developed by community developer TypicalType, who learned how to create code by creating his own games on Roblox.

Silent Assassin, the stealth action hit game on Roblox, has been released on Xbox One! This unique thriller, which no one should miss, combines rapid cat and mouse battles with the unpredictable antics of a frenetic multiplayer shooter.

In Silent Assassin, players are randomly assigned one of three roles
at the beginning of each round. There is the title assassin, whose quick feet and
The ability to disguise allows them to outsmart any enemy. You have two goals:
Stab the target and then escape the crime scene. The goal,
meanwhile, must evade the assassin and survive at all costs – admittedly
is easier said than done. However, they are not completely defenseless. Everyone
Otherwise, a security guard is fully equipped with an arsenal of firearms to help
They protect the target and eliminate the assassin. But take care of yourself – if that
Assassin comes to you first, you are knocked out of the round!

Determine your gameplay style

The more you play, the more
better the rewards. Players can use the coins they each received at the end
Round to get more weapons, perks, and gear, and open up new and exciting opportunities
Possibilities for different game tactics. For example, assassins can
Unlock smoke grenades and flashbangs while guards can earn defensive gadgets
like trip wires and teleport pads. Develop your own strategies and become one
Master killer or the ultimate mercenary.

Three unique PvP game modes

  • default: This
    is the default game mode in Silent
  • Free for all: It is
    every player for himself! Kill as many opponents as you can.
  • infection:
    The players are divided into two different teams: the survivors and the infected.
    Collect and survive the zombie horde or infect as many players as possible.

Silent Assassin was created by the community developer
TypicalType, who learned how to write code by creating his own games on Roblox. He designed Silent Assassin with a view to controllers and made small adjustments
refine the experience on Xbox One. With brisk three-minute rounds and
Easy-to-learn controls, it’s the perfect pick-and-play game for almost everyone
anyone. Fans worldwide can play silent
Assassin on Roblox in English,
Spanish, German, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, Simplified Chinese,
Traditional Chinese and Japanese.

Whether you stalk
Your prey through the dark, claustrophobic streets of Florence or stop
Silent Assassin, a watchful eye amidst the starry backdrop of the orbital station, offers a lot of fun and variety
Cards to keep you and your friends busy. Sharpen your blade and get ready
plunge into a shameful world where your next goal could only be your last.

Jump on Xbox One in Roblox and play Silent Assassin for free now!

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