Infinite Frontier # 5 sends a villain in crisis on a push towards multiverse recruitment

Psycho Pirate now sits to the right side of Darkseid ea preview for the next issue of Infinite Frontier He sees it in Research of more you serve for his master.

Roger Hayden’s legacy version of the Psycho Pirate is the character that DC Comics always dust off off when they need someone to be featured in at the crisis level event. From his first appearance in Showcase # 56 facing off against Doctor Fate and Hourman, this is the role has mainly served, which has, in turn around, I cursed him with knowledge of each iteration of the multiverse. It is this knowledge and understanding that Psycho Pirate will do use to try to convince other heroes and villains from across the multiverse a join Darkseid like he did.

In preview for Infinite Frontier # 5, reveals Psycho Pirate more on his philosophy about the multiverse. In Infinite Frontier: Secret Files, Hayden argued how him, the man who controls The emotions of others, he had become apathetic to relationships of the multiverse as only he could remember it e know that nothing matters, even breaking the limits of the comic page. For him, the multiverse was never saved after every crisis, and instead every version it was simply replaced with a new one while worlds that only he could remember were lost and destroyed forever.

So, ask the question to the bad guys in The whole multiverse over if them want to be on the next world to be destroyed and forgotten, as if it never existed in the first place. According to him, his original The Earth no longer exists. His version of Earth-2, where he first became Psycho Pirate after Charles Halstead taught him the secrets of the mask of Medusa, it was destroyed after Crisis on Infinite Earths, and any Earth-2 that exists in the current continuity is not his.

The preview sees Psycho Pirate promise his potential recruits from across the multiverse that if . join Darkseid, they will be spared from his curse. Their worlds will have the certainty of always existing and protected by Earth-0, the world that always survives any crisis. The preview for Infinite Frontier # 5 can be found below.

Infinite Frontier # 5

  • Cover by: MITCH GERADS
  • ON SALE 08/24/21
  • $ 4.99 US | 40 PAGES | FC | CC 5 of 6
  • Cardboard variant of BRYAN HITCH
  • $ 5.99
  • Variant of the film Suicide Squad by JOHN K. SNYDER III
  • $ 5.99
  • Roy Harper finds himself forced to do things on its the same. He’s been through a lot since he was Green Arrow’s partner, and usually, the only person he can count on it is itself. So, it’s hiding the fact that he is back from dead from his old friends. Encounters in Jade, who has also been stuck alone – can he? help her as he leaves her help he? Why neither of they can handle Darkseid on their own.
  • Meanwhile, Barry Allen sends out a call: it’s time for all the heroes who explore the infinite frontier to come to the planet Omega!

Infinite Frontier # 5 is written by Joshua Williamson (The flash, Robin) with pencils by Paul Pelletier (Aquaman), Xermanico (Justice League) and Jesus Merino (Wonder Woman). Main cover art was done by Mitch Gerads with variant covers by Bryan Hitch and John K. Snyder III. The issue it goes on sale August 31, 2021 by DC Comics.

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Source: DC

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