Information Minister of Yemen: The Houthis are transferring state employees to “Basij”

Yemeni Information Minister Muammar Al-Eryani said on Tuesday that the Houthi group is transforming state employees in a “Basij” similar to the Iranian one.

Al-Eryani said on his Twitter account that the so-called “code of conduct at work” issued by the Houthi group and that it intends to implement it in its control areas is “a process of collective punishment of hundreds of thousands of state employees”.

Al-Eryani added that the code “aims to trade state employees between enrolling in cultural courses and adhering to calls for mobilization and forced conscription to fight, engage in sectarian activities and rituals imported from Iran or dismissal from work “.

The Yemeni Information Minister called on the international community to condemn what he called “the practices and efforts of the Houthis to sectarianize the state and clone the Khomeinist revolution, which threatens to undermine any possibility of pace”.

This comes after the Houthi militia issued what it called the “Code of Business Conduct and Work Ethics in Public Service Units,” which stipulated that strict instructions were imposed on government employees whose salaries were suspended for years in their control areas, limiting their access to social and ai media.

The new blog dedicates a special section to controls on media and on social media.

The Houthi instructions stressed the government employees “not to provide the mediaor publish on social mediaany information, or submit any document, or comment, or authorize or interfere in any private matter relating to public service units in the best interest e in violation of the public interest “for the State”.

The code adds that government employees should not make any statements or information that contradict the group and the general policy of the authority that manages it, as it states: “Do not make or publish any statements, letters, materials or information that are in conflict with the teachings and values ​​of Islam, or contradict the public order of the state.

The Houthis have prohibited government employees from posting any administrative and practical issues or even confronting them on social mediaforcing them to boycott i mediawhich he considers “hostile and suspicious” and asking them to place them in guard against it.

According to the preamble of the code, each employee must sign it and comply with it, and it is the responsibility of administrative officers to enter it in the employee’s file and submit reports on the extent of the implementation of these employees and link them to salaries, bonus and promotion.

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