Information Minister of Yemen: the Houthis took advantage of agreements and truces to mobilize resources for the war and undermine opportunities for pace

Yemeni Information Minister Muammar Al-Eryani on Monday accused the Houthi group of exploiting agreements and truces to mobilize resources and capabilities for war, undermine opportunities for pace and multiply the humanitarian burdens on citizens.

Al-Eryani said on Twitter that the international community’s continuing approach of turning a blind eye to Houthi practices and making concessions has not pushed the group towards calm and pace.

He warned that the Houthi group “still poses a threat to international shipping and energy security”, urging the international community to review its management and make decisive decisions against it by classifying it as a “terrorist group”, banning the travel of i its leaders and the freezing of its assets.

Al-Eryani added that the international community must choose between aligning with Yemen’s security and stability and the interests of its people, or a group “run by Tehran”.

Earlier, on Monday Rashad Al-Alimi, president of the Yemeni Governing Council, held the Houthis responsible for the non-extension of the truce and its serious repercussions on Yemen’s security and stability.

Yemeni Foreign Minister Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak said reclassifying the Houthis as a terrorist group has become an urgent request.

Meanwhile, a Yemeni government source found the Houthi militia’s mistakes and practices to be proof of the ceasefire’s failure, noting that the Houthi militias plundered sums that exceeded more than 60 billion riyals since the Hodeidah agreement in 2019. .

Yemeni Prime Minister Maeen Abdul-Malik called on the international community to take a strong and clear stand in condemning the obstruction of pace in the country by the Houthi militia, the day after the Iranian-backed militia announced the rejection of a UN proposal to expand and extend the humanitarian truce that expired last night.

The Yemeni prime minister said, in a series of tweets on his Twitter page, “The pacification policy does not increase the chances of pace and only pushes the Houthis to greater intransigence. “

“We have listened to the clear voice of the international community in its appeal to the paceand we answered with all sincerity and sincerity a tale appeal, and we look forward today to feel the same strength and clarity in condemning the obstruction of the Houthis and their rejection of the pace”, he added.

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