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Information ministers reject systematic and harmful campaigns targeting the Cooperation Council in regional and international fora

Your Excellencies, the Ministers of Information of the GCC States held their twenty-fifth meeting – today in video conference – chaired by His Excellency the Minister of Commerce and Information Minister of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Chairman of the session in course) Dr. Majid bin Abdullah Al-Qasabi, and with the participation of His Excellency the UAE Minister of Culture and Youth Noura Bint Mohammed Al-Kaabi, Minister of Information Affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Dr. Ramzan bin Abdullah Al -Nuaimi, His Excellency the Minister of Information of the Sultanate of Oman, Dr. Abdullah bin Nasser Al-Harassi, CEO of Qatar Media Corporation, Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Thani bin Khaled Al-Thani, and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Information in the State of Kuwait, Muhammad Badr bin Naji and His Excellency the Secretary General of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, Dr. Nayef Falah Mubarak Lajraf.

The ministers expressed their sincere thanks, gratitude and gratitude to their Majesties and Highnesses, the leaders of the GCC countries – may God protect and preserve them – for their wise guidance and their enthusiasm in advancing the work process of the media.

Joint cooperation and development, to achieve the noble goals of the Cooperation Council represented in deepening cooperation, interdependence and integration among GCC states, continuing the desired sustainable development, and enhancing regional and global security and stability.

Your Excellencies, the ministers have passed in review a number of important common issues in the field of mediafirst of all the implementation of the decisions issued by the Supreme Council and the Ministerial Council, and discussed the strategic plan for joint media cooperation in the GCC countries (2023-2030 AD) and the outcomes of the meetings of the specialized Commissions in the various sectors of media.Ministers endorsed the joint programs and projects presented on the agenda, including Gulf radio and television programmes, news agency cooperation projects, media electronics and cooperation in the field of media foreigners, as well as coordination and cooperation in technical and engineering fields related to the reception and transmission of channels and media.The ministers presented the report presented by the Gulf Radio and Television Corporation and the report of the joint program Production companies of the Cooperation Council countries The ministers took decisions relating to the projects and plans of the two institutions and the promotion of their media mission within the joint working system of media of the Gulf.

Ministers alluded to what happened in the previous period, when some global digital platforms breached controls on content and advertising in inconsistent way with religious and moral values ​​in GCC countries, and they praised

The ministers followed up on the statement issued by the officials of the media and agreed on a unified stance against these platforms, and ministers said that news agencies in GCC countries are united in addressing platforms that violate religious and moral values ​​and focus on the preservation of the family, its cohesion and its development, in as a natural and essential unit of society, its progress and prosperity, as emphasized by Your Excellencies, Ministers of Information in the GCC countries for their denunciation and rejection of all systematic and biased media campaigns directed against the GCC countries and attempts to undermine their successes and contributions in regional and international forums and events, emphasizing the need for a collective response to such campaigns and highlighting the contributions of honorable GCC countries in all fields.

Their Excellencies, the Ministers of Information also congratulated the leadership, government and people of the State of Qatar on the launch of the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup and the historic opening, reflecting the great efforts

And the illustrious efforts made by the State of Qatar in the great preparation and wonderful organization of this illustrious historical event.

Their Excellencies, the Ministers of Information also congratulated the leadership, government and people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the historic victory of the Saudi national team against the Argentina national team, a source of pride.

And pride in this achievement, reflecting the creative abilities of the Saudi national team players, wishing them continued success in the World Cup process.


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