Instructions on How to Acquire Clothing and Furniture Pouches in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, the promise of unique clothing and decorations can be found within furniture pouches and clothing bags. However, finding these items is not as simple as stumbling upon them. It requires a bit of luck and some knowledge of where to look in order to discover these precious items. Below, we’ll outline some methods and locations to help players on their quest to find clothing and furniture pouches in DDV.

Chest Spawns

One of the main ways to obtain furniture and clothing pouches in Dreamlight Valley is through the spawning of green and gold chests. These chests will appear daily throughout the valley, offering players a 30% chance of being rewarded with a furniture or clothing pouch when opened. Additionally, chests may also appear when entering a new realm or biome. It’s important to note that up to three green chests can remain unopened and will not respawn until they have been opened by players. Keep an eye out for these chests as they offer a chance to acquire the desired items.

Large Stones and Debris

Another method for finding these sought-after pouches is by uncovering chests hidden within obstacles such as large mushroom patches, ice blocks, tree stumps, and sea debris. As players progress in the game, they will gain abilities and items that allow them to remove these obstacles, revealing the chests waiting to be recovered. This provides an additional opportunity to obtain the clothing and furniture pouches within Dreamlight Valley.


Occasionally, players may come across green chests while digging holes in the valley. Although it’s not the most common method for finding chests, using certain items, such as varnishes, may increase the odds of discovering rare items while digging. Additionally, developing strong friendships with Disney’s iconic characters can provide benefits, including the chance to receive duplicates of items found while digging. By reaching max friendship with a villager, players can increase the likelihood of obtaining extra items during their digging expeditions.

Switching Roles

Players can assign roles to characters, with the ability to craft training manuals to switch to a preferred role, such as digging. This can be particularly helpful for those looking to focus on uncovering chests and finding rare items within Dreamlight Valley.

In conclusion, the search for furniture and clothing pouches in Disney Dreamlight Valley may require a bit of luck and persistence. By understanding the methods and locations for finding these precious items, players can enhance their chances of discovering unique clothing and decorations to add to their collection. Whether it’s through chest spawns, removing obstacles, or digging, the opportunities to obtain these sought-after items are woven throughout the magical world of DDV.

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