Insult to Neymar Revealed by Former Al-Nasr Club Spokesman-detailed analysis

An Insult to Neymar because of Anderson Talisca from Al Nasr’s Spokesman

Saud Al-Sarami, the former official spokesman for the Saudi Al-Nasr Club, directed a scathing insult to the Brazilian star Neymar da Silva Jr., the Al-Hilal player. This came as a result of the sharp criticism received by Neymar’s compatriot, Anderson Talisca, the star of the international team, by some Nassar fans.

Strong Criticism towards Neymar

During television statements on the “Al-Diwaniyah” program, Al-Sarami expressed his views, saying, “Those who are fighting Talisca are the Nasrawis, despite the fact that the Turkish clubs were rushing for the player, in addition to the desire of the Al-Shabab Club, and its close proximity to Al-Lioth in the summer.”

Al-Sarami continued, “But thank God there was a very strong coach who came out in every conference saying Talisca is with me, and he is the one who asks Talisca himself to tweet and say, ‘I am staying in Al-Nasr.’”

Preferring Talisca over Neymar

Expressing his admiration for Talisca’s qualities and abilities, Al-Sarami stated, “A player of this value, I say it, and in all honesty, he is far from the big name and international fame that Neymar enjoys. For me, if the two were put in the balance, I would choose Talisca, a 28-year-old player who has not suffered from any injuries.”

Highlighting Talisca’s contributions to the team, Al-Sarami said, “Unfortunately, there are people who are ruining the pearl of the team, and then they start spreading rumors until the phrase appears that Talisca does not serve the team’s system. Yesterday, he was employed appropriately, and despite his return from injury, he excelled and gave Al-Nasr a dear victory.”

He further stated, “Until the 89th minute of the match against Global and Shabab Al-Ahly Dubai, we were outside the AFC Champions League. Talisca scored two goals in the 91st and 93rd minutes. We returned to the tournament. This is a very big player. I am surprised that there are those who have a crush on the team’s stars, and they are Nassar.”


It is evident from Al-Sarami’s statements that he holds Talisca in high regard while criticizing Neymar. Al-Sarami highlights Talisca’s consistency, performance, and importance to Al-Nasr’s success. The ongoing debate about Talisca’s abilities and his significance to the team continues among fans and experts.

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