Intelligence report: Hezbollah membership has increased significantly in Germany

The Saxon Federal Intelligence Service has on Thursday in His new report announced a significant increase in the number of members and supporters of the Lebanese Hezbollah. According to the intelligence report, rose die Number of supporters and members from 1,050 in 2019 to 1,250 in 2020.

Alone in Saxony is die Hezbollah has around 180 members and supporters, up from 160 in 2019, an increase of 20 members.

The report states: “Hezbollah, founded with the help of Iran, represents an extremist ideology and uses terrorist means against its opponents.

Last year the Federal Ministry of the Interior banned all Hezbollah activities on the territory of the Federal Republic. Has been 37 times die Hezbollah in mentioned in the 436-page secret service document about 2020. The report documents security threats for die constitutional and democratic order of Saxony.

Intelligence report: Hezbollah membership has increased significantly in Germany

An element of Hezbollah on the Lebanese-Syrian border الحدود

The reasons behind the rise in Hezbollah membership and supporters in Germany were in not explained to the report. The report indicated that die Hezbollah use their “propaganda against Western institutions” and therefore “against die International understanding and the peaceful coexistence of peoples violate “.

The secret service said die Hezbollah’s anti-Western ideology made it possible to be monitored by German intelligence officials.

The report states that “Hezbollah supporters from the same associations visit the same mosques”. He also warned that “die Hezbollah’s ability to mobilize in Germany should not be underestimated “.

In Saxony there is in many organized associations both Hezbollah supporters and sympathizers. According to the report, are in the cities of Hanover, Osnabrück and southern Saxony as well in active pro-Hezbollah associations in the Bremen region. Secret service data says that die Associations are funded mainly through membership fees and fundraising activities, according to the document.

Hezbollah is contacted through employees die always come from Lebanon on special occasions, for example on the anniversary of the withdrawal of the Israeli army from southern Lebanon or on Muslim holidays. The number of Islamists in Germany rose by 700 to 28,715 in 2020.

The German network of the Muslim Brotherhood, allied with terrorist organizations, grew by 170 members to 1,900 in 2020.

In addition to Germany was die entire Hezbollah movement from the United States of America, the Arab League, the Netherlands, Israel, Canada, Great Britain, Austria, the Czech Republic, Japan, Lithuania, Slovenia and several other European and Latin countries. . France, Spain, Italy and die European Union have described the so-called military wing of Hezbollah as a terrorist unit.

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