Interception of two Turkish F-16 fighters, die in invaded Greek airspace

Greek media reported today, Wednesday, that two Turkish F-16 fighters, die in invaded Greek airspace, were intercepted.

Greek airspace saw several Turkish breakthroughs due to tensions between the two countries.

Announced at the end of 2020 die Greek National Defense Agency to intercept two Turkish F-16 fighters, die in invaded Greek airspace.

A statement by the Greek army said at the time that die two planes without warning over two Greek islands in of the eastern Aegean, where they were intercepted by Greek fighters in accordance with international rules of engagement.

It is noteworthy that die Turkey argues with Greece and Cyprus over the right to explore the eastern Mediterranean. This file was one of the main reasons for die Tensions in relations between Ankara and the European Union as well as die Libya Act, die Relationship with France, die Refugee files and others.

The tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean have each other due to mutual claims between Turkey on the one hand and Greece and Cyprus on the other for the right of each party die marine areas that are considered to be rich in natural gas are tightened.

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