Interference from CNN’s Chris Cuomo for brother Andrew stripped naked

Despite claims to the contrary, CNN host Chris Cuomo helped reduce the damage for his brother Andrew treating the governor of New York in disgrace with sex parasites scandal, texts released by New York Attorney General Letitia James show.

Cuomo, who he had allegedly promised not to cover hers brother on the air in a deal with CNN, which fell into oblivion during the Covid-19 pandemic, has apparently spent a lot of its time over the past year struggling cover up up for Andrew’s alleged sexual harassment behavior, according to messages released by AG James on Monday.

CNN speaks head texted back and on dozens of times with Cuomo’s main assistant Melissa DeRosa and even used the network resources to dig up “dirty” on women who accused Andrew of harassment, despite Chris’ repeated insistence that he was not “consult closely” his brother and only had “Irregular contact” with De Rosa.

Indeed, his involvement with DeRosa has gone enough in depth to ask her to do it “please leave me help with Preparation” to prepare Andrew for his next public I wait, telling her “We are making mistakes that we cannot [sic] afford” and also express discomfort about the chat with her behind the backs of brass from CNN and his other personal brother.

“I panic every fucking time I see your name” wrote to DeRosa in another comment after returning an annotation version of a long and embarrassing mea culpa apparently written by him brother.

Cuomo could lose millions after ethics board revokes the approval of the book

TO KNOW MORE: Cuomo could lose millions after ethics board revokes the approval of the book

The former the governor was officially denounced as a plague of sexually abused 12 women, with “prove overwhelming “, in a published report last week. He resigned in August, inundated by one side with allegations of sexual harassment and on the other with allegations of manslaughter with regard to his treatment of senior citizens detained in state nursing homes during the first few months of the Covid-19 pandemic.

A complaint was filed for an offense relating to forced contact against he last month and reportedly it is in I ran an investigation into his lucrative book deal, complete with allegations of abusing his office resources for writing the self-flattering tome – focused on the “Leadership lessons” learned during the pandemic – for free.

Howard Zucker, the state health commissioner responsible for the cure home policy which presumably led to dozens of thousands of dead, resigned in September. That left Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul as Governor e highest- residual classification from Cuomo’s mandate in Albania.

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