International concern after the Taliban banned women from working in NGOs

The UN Deputy Humanitarian Coordinator for Afghanistan is arranging a talk with the Taliban, following their imposition of restrictions on female NGO staff.

Ramiz Alakbarov said what happened will seriously affect humanitarian affairs and relief operations and that many of our programs will suffer because we depend on female employees to assess humanitarian needs and identify beneficiaries.

The international aid agency, AfghanAid, said the suspension of operations took place immediately and that more than half of the population has relied on humanitarian aid, according to aid agencies.

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In an official letter, the Ministry of Economy of the government of the Afghan movement announced that it had issued an order to all local and foreign NGOs not to allow women to come to work. Economy Ministry spokesman Abd al-Rahman Habib al-Khattab also confirmed that women are banned from going to work until further notice because some of them do not respect the dress code imposed on them by the government, in the latest target of women’s freedoms in the country.

“Serious complaints have been received regarding non-compliance with the Islamic veil and other rules and regulations related to the work of women in local and international organizations,” she said in a letter the ministry responsible for approving licenses for operating non-governmental organizations in Afghanistan. .

The ministry also added in its letter that “in case of neglect of the directive, the organization’s license will be revoked”.

With this decision, the Taliban bans women from working in non-governmental organizations, including the health sector.

On Tuesday, the Taliban banned college education for girls in Afghanistan until further notice, which means that girls and women can only receive primary level education. This decision was met with international outrage, as most countries around the world condemned the oppression of Afghan women at the hands of the Taliban.

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