Investcorp in Arabia: these are the ambitions of the 500 million dollar fund in Saudi Arabia

The CEO of “Investcorp Saudi Arabia”, Yasser Bagsir, confirmed in an interview with “Al Arabiya” that the fund launched by “Investcorp”, specialized in alternative investments, aims to invest in Saudi companies in the next phase. Pre-IPO.

Bagcier said the added value Investcorp brings with it has a long history in America, Europe, East Asia and India and will convey best practices for corporate restructuring, or culture change within the company, and help would-be family businesses for second and third generations, as well as evaluation experiences of opening of new markets.

He revealed that the fund aims to raise $ 500 million to invest in high-growth companies and subsectors that do not receive sufficient funding, such as healthcare, the consumer sector, transport, logistics and business services.

He said the fund will focus on investing in a diversified portfolio of companies in the pre-IPO phase in the Kingdom, offering investors the opportunity to invest their money in society in growth and cutting edge.

He added that for 40 years Investcorp has had distinct relationships with decision makers in family businesses, who qualify it to create added value and to have the second stake. in this sector, in large leading companies, explaining that Investcorp has investments of over $ 700 million in the Kingdom, and had investments in society private listed, including L’azurde, Leejam and Al Deeb Rent a Car

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