Investcorp: Oil prices aren’t the only ones behind the economic recovery in the Gulf

Investcorp Group Executive Chairman Mohammed Al-Ardi expressed his confidence in the Gulf economy and his optimism for the next period, underlining the continued injection of capital into the region.

Al-Ardhi stated in the round table moderated by colleague Nadine Hani during the World Economic Forum in Davos: “Every investor in the world now looks to the Gulf, and also to other parts of the Middle East, as to live the ideal scenario, especially as far as it’s about inflation. “

Al-Ardhi added: “We are in the investment business. If you can raise prices and expand volumes without increasing costs, then this is everyone’s paradise.”

He stressed that this is what the Gulf countries are currently experiencing, adding: “I don’t think this is due only to oil prices, but thanks to the strong visions and good reforms that bring the Gulf back to pre-Crown growth. “

He said: “We are very optimistic and invest capital in the Gulf.”

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