IOHK to integrate Cardano in decentralized cryptocurrency trading Orion platform

Orion, a DeFi and crypto ecosystem trading long platform with blockchain engineering firm IOHK, today announced a partnership to integrate the Cardano blockchain in Orion’s trading terminal.

The terminal of Orion allows users access to all of major cryptocurrency exchanges; without having to undergo extensive KYC and AML checks required for sign up to each single platform, while also guaranteeing the best price for every trade.

Of using Cardano’s energy-efficient ‘Proof’ of Betting mechanism, a technology introduced by IOHK, Orion will also to reach more sustainable growth through this partnership, an alternative to the much-criticized Proof of Work system used by Bitcoin and the majority of other blockchains, which it uses more energy of the whole of Switzerland. In comparison, Cardano uses equivalent energy of a family home.

Further, via the solutions of Orion, this integration seeks to bring significant transaction volume to the Cardano blockchain.

“We believe that collaboration in the sector is crucial in order for blockchain to achieve mainstream adoption, which is why we have always taken an open source and patent-free approach for building Cardano. As a result, we are always looking for partners with projects like Orion, which are crucial in order for blockchain to reach its “Bluetooth moment” in which users have a seamless experience experience when using blockchain networks, regardless of what platform are they using. “
– Romain Pellerin, CTO of IOHK

Orion is long-term goal is to combine access to both traditional financial markets and NFT markets. This requires a strong and scalable blockchain, one of The reasons of Orion for partnership with IOHK and integrating Cardano.

“Scalability is of critical importance for Orion in to achieve widespread adoption: become the single point of access to the digital asset market, we need a robust and scalable infrastructure in can handle in transactions effectively and efficiently occur on tale platform. Engineered for efficiency and scalability, the Cardano ecosystem is developing in the most complete and the most useful blockchain ever built. As the market runs towards the solution for the leading alternative to Ethereum on which build based on blockchain financial future; Cardano is ready to take that place as the first and the greatest test of stake blockchain, resolution critical areas such as cost, latency, efficiency and scalability. With Orione goal of doing the digital asset market inclusive and accessible; Cardano’s inclusive and open source method is perfect. “
– Timothea Horwell, CMO of Orion

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