iOS 15 .. Apple launches the new iPhone operating system .. and here’s how to download it

On Monday, Apple released iOS 15, the big annual update to the iPhone operating system.

The version of questThe year features some big changes, including the ability for FaceTime to make calls for Windows and Android users, artificial intelligence that can better identify animals, plants and other elements in photos, and a feature that better controls notification restrictions.

While Apple releases updates regularly throughout the year, the annual update released alongside the new iPhones contains most of the additional features and changes.

iOS 15 is also available for many older phones, up to the iPhone 6S, which was released in 2015.

What’s new in iOS 15?

For the first time, the FaceTime video calling application will allow iPhone users to communicate with users of Microsoft’s Windows and Google’s Android operating systems, creating a chat link that can be sent to users of different systems and an opening via any modern browser web without the need for FaceTime on devices with operating systems far from iOS.

The second advantage is the integration of new messages, in which some people get many different links in Apple Messages, formerly known as iMessages, during the day, but don’t have time to check them out late. Now, the new operating system will allow Messages to share this information with other applications.

For example, if someone submits a link to an Apple News article, it will appear in the Apple News app in a section called “Shared with you”. The same goes for Apple Music and Apple Photos, and this new integration also applies to Safari web links, podcasts, and Apple TV movies and TV shows.

The AI ​​feature will also let you know what’s in the image, including the text, as Apple has been improving the image recognition capabilities in its Photos app for years and questyear is making a big step forward in terms of types of objects within photos who can know them.

And with iOS 15, the software Apple can identify and provide more information about animals, landmarks, plants and books. It also makes text within images searchable, and users can even copy and paste text from an image in a document.

For a few years, iPhone users had a mode called Do Not Disturb which restricted notifications except those from the nearby contact list. The feature has received a major update in iOS 15 which Apple has called “Focus”. The main feature only shows notifications from people and apps that you have approved in precedence.

In addition to the Apple Maps reminder feature, Apple Maps includes annual improvements, including better directions, public transit schedules, and a walking directions feature in augmented reality that places large arrows over real-world scenes that tell users where to go. But travelers may prefer the new alerts in real time that inform users when they need to get off the bus, train or subway before they miss the stop.

Apple has also redesigned the new Safari browser, with the default browser on the iPhone getting the biggest redesign in years, bringing the address bar and back button from the top of the screen closer to the bottom for easier access. with your thumb.

Privacy protection

Apple has been emphasizing privacy in recent years, but in iOS 15 is starting to become a feature worth updating for. One of the new features, called the App Privacy Report, will show you how many times the app has accessed your microphone or location in the past seven days.

It will also tell users if apps are connecting home to their servers, which is normal but can highlight certain data uses that in previously they were neglected. People who pay for iCloud will also get iCloud Private Relay, an experimental VPN-like feature that hides IP addresses, which can reveal your location.

Siri is faster

Apple’s personal assistant, Siri, no longer needs to send data to a remote server to figure out what you asked him for. Now he can do this on the device itself, which will result in a smoother experience without a slight delay, as well as increased privacy, which indicates that Apple will no longer be in able to access all the recordings of your Siri requests.

Driver’s license and keys in Apple Wallet

Apple is adding the ability to enter driver’s licenses and keys into the Wallet app, but it may take some time for all users to take advantage of these great new features.

Users will also be in able to memorize the keys, including the ignition keys of theauto, in Apple Wallet. And if you have a smart home or go in an office with compatible locks, you can start unlocking your front door with your phone as soon as you upgrade with the new one software.

Apple is planning to launch a feature called SharePlay that will allow you to watch a movie or TV show with other people on FaceTime. But this feature hasn’t been included yet and is expected to roll out later this year.

How to get iOS 15

iOS 15 is very easy to install, you just need iPhone SE (1st generation) or later or iPhone 6s or later.

Connect your compatible iPhone to Wi-Fi and power.
Open Settings.
Open the “General” field.
Open update software.
Click Download and Install.

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