IPL 2021: BCCI decides start IPL 14 of September 19th in United Arab Emirates, final on 15th October

A BCCI official said die Conversations between the Indians board and the Emirates Cricket Board did well. The BCCI is confident that the remaining IPL will be in 2021 games will take place successfully in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

“The talks went very well and with ECB already give us the verbal nod to die event ahead of the BCCI SGM wanted to close the deal over the last Week. The first game after the season is resumed on September 19th while we die to have final on 15th October. The BCCI was always interested on a 25 day window up finish The rest matches, ” die BCCI official said ANI.

Asked about the situation with regarding availability of the foreign players for IPL 2021, die official said conversations are on and die BCCI expects positive results. “The discussions have started and we are pushing die Thumb that die Foreigners players will be mostly available. If a couple of they fail to turn around up, then we decide on the future course of Action. But squeeze die thumb for now and hope for an action-packed end to the IPL 2021 in UAE “, die, official said.

in the fact, Franchises are also confident that yourself die BCCI will get involved in positive discussions with die strange boards and make players available for The rest games.

“What we were made according to the BCCI SGM is aware that die board will speak and examine with the foreign bodies on die Availability of die foreign cricketers. We are confident that die BCCI die best possible Solution and frankly it’s one thing of die BCCI officials in conversation with the respective board Officer, also we should wait to hear from that board on these.

“Yes, when we finish up some are missing of die alien stars, this is a area what would need some attention when it comes to choosing a substitute for the stranger players are also integral part of the teams. Team balance can go for a toss, also press yourself die thumb on The one, “the franchise official said.

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