IPL 2021: BCCI on help Arrange charter flights for Australian players via Maldives or SL, says Approx.

The 40-member Australian contingent of the IPL, consisting of players, support Staff and commentators could be flown to Maldives or Sri Lanka before a connecting flight for home.

“The BCCI is working to do this move die entire cohort out of India where they’ll wait for it to be possible return to Australia, “Hockley told reporters in Sydney.

“The BCCI worked on a range of options. That is now narrowed down on die Maldives and to Sri Lanka. The BCCI is not only committed to die first move but also to put on a charter to bring them back to Australia.”

The IPL has been “suspended indefinitely” on Tuesday (May 4th) after several cases of COVID-19 emerged from Kolkata Knight Riders, the capitals of Delhi, the Sunrisers Hyderabad and the Chennai Super Kings.

There are 14 Australians players along with Trainers and commentators who could now make a detour as an Australian government has imposed severe sanctions for people Return from India.

Asked if the IPL could continue this year, die Approx. official said it was “premature to speculate on The.”

“Right now is die BCCI very focused on players do not get anything just die Australian, home for sure.”

Chennai Super Kings’ batting coach Mike Hussey, who has tested positive for COVID-19 will stay back to complete his 10-day quarantine in India.

Todd Greenberg, executive director of the Australian Cricketers Association (ACA), said Hussey was in “”good Ghosts “despite being infected with the highly contagious virus.

“Its symptoms are relatively mild, also is he in for a stint of isolation in his hotel for at least 10 days, but its team really have some good support Systems around him, that is good”Greenberg was quoted as saying in “Sydney Morning Herald”.

Under consideration of current Situation, die players will leave in Batches, starting on Thursday.

“This is a two-step Process. The first step she gets out of India and die next step get them for sure home”Said Greenberg.

“We’re still waiting to hear what die government will do post- May 15th and as soon as we have that confirmation We will set that next start step in place. “

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