IPL 2021: BCCI shoots down Virat Kohli call reschedule international games

But the board of control for cricket in India (BCCI) said revision of the international calendar in the current Scenario is a little difficult to keep interest of all parties in Understanding.

In conversation with ANI, a BCCI official said while die Concern shown by Kohli may be justified onemachen changes in the schedule would raise greater concerns and die Solution would not be easy one, especially with The effects, die COVID-19 on die USA had and continues to have board.

“It may be a legitimate concern, though die The alternative would raise much greater concerns. It can be approached in two ways. The first is to be understood out a rotation policy which gives players some freedom for down-Time. Take the example of die ECB where there is only Joe Root playing red-ball cricket When a player of its caliber would do very well in White-ball cricket. The second is to schedule a smaller number of international games. the execution of any of These ways are not that easy, “he said.

Asked how it would be a problem, the official said a number of Problems would come up and one that would actually hurt that financial condition of domestic cricketers, and that’s something to look out for die BCCI has focused post die COA era.

“First, contrary to what is believed, the wealth of the BCCI is not infinite. Second die share of The domestic cricketers deserve a bigger one amount of Attention. Third, there is an increase in die number of Regional associations who have a steep task facing to develop them game in their regions, die they hadn’t done before and that is in Supplement to the existing associations who have been struggling meet their own standards with die Vibration, die has taken away experience on the board,” he explained.

The official continued to show die Reduction in international games would directly die hurt income and that would again go on die hurting domestic cricketers because they contracted players Don’t let the number influence you of games played.

“Kohli made a very important point when he spoke about it international games where he’s about die Importance spoke of plan to go forward and he has the luxury of addressing that issue. However, he has no reservations about die Planning expressed of the IPL, also one assumes that he is fine with that and that possible increase in die number of games once die both new teams are added later this year.

“You have to endure in Notice that there is a reduction in international matches means a reduction in die revenue of die BCCI and consequently a reduction in die revenue of die Regional associations and die domestic players. The receipts of die compatible players of The BCCI is isolated even when it is reduced in die number of home international games, but die revenue of die others don’t, “he said.

The official said if die BCCI tries to die Revise planning in the current Scenario, die player Payment structure could also need another look. “Until that is done, you can die Selectors need force a rotation policy that encourages players to give Preference to participate in international cricket compared to the IPL. By the way, one of The aspects die need to be corrected are die Allowances of The selectors, when together, are paid less than a single one player in die Category A +. In short, Kohli’s proposal is unfeasible and throws die Question on club against land debate prominently, “he said.

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