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IPL 2021: Details: Visit team officials die UAE to get hotel deals, Covid 19 test Logs


A official of one of The franchises said it was important die United Arab Emirates to visit since die Situation differs compared to the 2020 edition and large hotel bookings a problem considering that die Borders will be open for Travel. The IPL 2020 was also held in die United Arab Emirates behind locked doors.

“We are thinking about, in die United Arab Emirates travel post- July 6th, as soon as we get the green light from the BCCI and the government so that we die seal logistic deals. not how last year, Batch booking wondas is not that easy year as you will have people travel to the country and do that die work all about organic bubbles more critical,” the official said ANI.

Another official said it was on die BCCI turned to travel earlier, however die Approval will take some time in Claim.

“We sent in a request to die BCCI to travel but we were asked to wait for die Release. While we a good stay last Time we look for ways die To make things even better this time, and that is die reason why we want to be present there when trading with die Hotel management “, die official said.

Another team official said they were looking for a change in Hotel and therefore it is important to be physically present to complete the deal.

“We’re looking for a new option and if we a good We will try to close the deal at the earliest. you need the hotel staff and travel staff like drivers to also undergo quarantine and RTPCR tests before doing die Enter biobubble. So the sooner we can zero in on die logistics the better for all of us,” the official said.

The IPL 2021 is set getting started on September 19 and die final is to play on 15th October, just before the T20 World Championship. That made franchises sweat over whether strange players would made available to them.

While some of the players to have in recently times said they might miss the remaining part of the IPL 2021 with an eye on of the T20 World Championship die Franchises confident that BCCI will get involved in positive discussions with die foreign boards and make die players available for The rest games.

“While we have yet to hear from the BCCI on We are confident that we will die Will have services of the foreign players. hope for them die Get NOCs from their respective boards “, official said.

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