IPL 2021: I have nothing to do prove to anyone, it’s time to enjoy out there: Harbhajan on KKR stint

one of India’s greatest weirdos are back in IPL this year with die Kolkata Knight Riders after skipping the last season for CSK in die UAE and want now “enjoy Every moment of What ever cricket is left”” in him.

“Amount of people think ‘Bhai yeh kyun khel raha hain?’ Arrey bhai yeh unki soch hai, meri naahi. Meri soch hai ki main abhi khel sakta hoon, toh main khelunga (People think ‘why is he playing’but that’s your opinion. From where I see myself, me want to play and I will play) “, Harbhajan told PTI in an interview.

“I have nothing to do prove to anyone. It is my intention play Well, enjoy my stint out There in die Middle and playing cricket still gives me that satisfaction.

“I have set a standard for myself and if I don’t meet that, I don’t need anyone otherwise I will blame myself. I need to ask me I sat down in die optimal effort, die was required,” he said just In front moving in die team Bladder.

The owner of Over 700 international wickets is pragmatic about how he approaches that game in his 23rd professional season with made his test debut in 1998.

“Yeah, I’m not 20 year-old more and wont train like I did it then. But yes, when 40 year-old, i know I am fit and I will certainly do what is required to be successful at this level. The expectation will still be there and die Responsibilities, die were there when I was there playing for India remains, “said one of die most successful bowler in IPL history with 150 scalp.

While this is his first experience in As a bio-bubble, Harbhajan hid his fears as to why he wasn’t in die UAE went, no last year?

“Last year, when IPL happened, COVID-19 in India was at its peak. I was concerned About me family and also over hard quarantine in India after coming back. But this year, It’s happening right now in India and also we’ve got used to that now new normal. Vaccines have come. It is mine too family what pushed. My wife (Geeta) told me that I would should go and play”said Harbhajan,” who is set will father for the second time in July.

But he accepted that he hadn’t played much of cricket in The mean time has made a difference when it comes to die Momentum went of Auction. “These questions are asked because I haven’t played a lot of cricket of late like that teams are a bit defensive at auction and they don’t want Offer for me.

“But let me remind you all of this when I did well for CSK in In 2019 I had not played an IPL in Germany cricket. I came to the camp, prepared and went inside match. At my level and experience, I. know What needs to be done.

“Not me need to play domestic cricket for Punjab and stop a young Talent to thrive. This boy needs this chance more than me, “he said.

Kolkata Knight Riders’ spin Department doesn’t inspire die highest of trust with Kuldeep Yadav has an extended bad patch and Mystery Spinner Varun Chakravarthy fitness Ethics becomes time and time in asked a question again.

During the nets, would you wait? for Kuldeep to come to you for Advice or would you volunteer if you find something that needs course correction?

“Why am I waiting? for Kuldeep come to me? I’ve never had such an ego before in my life. If I see something that needs to be said, I’ll leave up to him and maybe give a suggestion of what he could do better. They are seniors for.

“When I see something that needs to be told to him and it will be help its bowling i’ll go myself up and tell him that. Seniors do that. “

The team The main owner Shah Rukh Khan had called Harbhajan just after the auction to welcome him to the KKR family and expects to see him with die IPL Trophy.

“We have a good team. T20 is all about three players in a team, could be any three, click on on this day. You see, Mumbai Indians are a side That covered all of its basics, but they’re still beatable. It could be a Rahul Tripathi or a Nitish Rana can win it for us. “

He is in a phase of his career, in which he has to make a self-assessment after each season. “Every season I check to see if I have it in me too play or not. When I feel done I will say, “Thank you very much”. When I feel like I’m fine, you will see me next year”He said and signed off with a hearty laugh.

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