IPL 2021: Jimmy Neesham doubts if tournament will restart this year in India again

He also has serious doubts whether India in would be able to die 16-team T20 world championship later year.

India is in die center of It is die worst health crisis ever in last 70 years with The country recorded 400,000 cases on Every day with at least 4,000 deaths on an average.

Both IPL and T20 World Cup are set in the United Arab Emirates will be rescheduled.

“If that were the case start up againI doubt that would be IPL in India again”Said Neesham to Newshub.

“I think we have already seen plans for die T20 World Championship too move out of India later in the year and they will in be extremely careful in this regard of Thing “said Neesham,” who was playing for Mumbai Indians in that is now suspended league.

Neesham believes that die Bio-security gaps die could be due fact that die teams traveled across the country.

“Even though we flew on chartered planes, we have to go through customs, hand over your details over to people, walk through terminals, also there was always a pinchpoints there, “he said.

Neesham said it was hard to understand how The bladder was broken.

“We obviously don’t know but exactly how teams have been infiltrated, but … it is such a difficult prospect to keep everything perfect and when you have so many guys die are close together, there will be social Interactions according to games.

“Once one team got it, you start search back through your last Week at who you spoke to us who You got yourself die Hand shaken with. It definitely brings your thoughts up in Momentum. “

Neesham is not averse to the idea, however of walk back to India again and playing the IPL if it continues.

“I signed for myself up for the IPL knows what it could be like. I felt like it was an obligation – me made die Commitment to go and never had any thoughts of pull out individually before tournament done “, he said,

“Guys will have different opinions on that, but it’s my job, I’m a professional and you have a lot of times They tour countries you are not that hot on I’ll do it, but the point is to get it on the field and die Do work.

“I would sign up again especially once vaccinations start roll out. I do not think so anyone really predicted how everything would collapse quickly down over there and how we would be quick on the first plane out. “

The IPL has been suspended last Tuesday after four players and two trainers from four different teams tested positive for die dreaded disease within one space of 48 hours.

“To be honest, I didn’t expect it to be called off. I think when you have that many teams in different bubbles, die The expectation was that there would always be some cases at some point during the tournament”Said Neesham.

“We thought teams may need to lock down and miss a few of games, like We’ve seen in other organizations, like die NBA. The show Must go on.

“What was so shocking was how it came quickly up in so many different teams at the same time and we didn’t really have one option in the end.”

Neesham said they were “not” out of the forest still “and can develop symptoms in die coming days.

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