IPL 2021: KKR CEO gives health update on Sandeep Warrier and Varun Chakravarthy

About seven hours Before the start, the IPL match between KKR and Royal Challengers, Bangalore had to postponed on Monday (May 3rd) after the KKR duo tested positive.

“Heavy times, but I’m happy to report that both Varun and Sandeep are doing fine, “Mysore told host Star Sports.

“We took all the necessary precautions and received advice from the doctor teams of IPL and KKR and also appropriate advice received from outside on What is right is.

“Sandeep, in In particular, it is fine. No temperature, no other symptoms and he feels good. Varun is still a little below that weatherbut better than yesterday and both of you are in good Spirits.”

While the duo tested positive, the rest are of The KKR quota was negative.

Now as per protocol, the whole team and the hotel staff is quarantined for five days with a daily check schedule.

“The target completion date of these five days with This daily test will be on May 6, “Mysore said when asked if KKR will be eligible back in Action as soon as quarantine phase is over.

“We should in be able to die to get results somewhat later in the day on May 6th, which means we might even get out this evening for a practice subject to what die Trainer want to do and then get ready for 7th and 8th depending on on if die rescheduled games would possibly take place. “

Mysore said she found out about 24 hours before about Varun tests positive and later in in that night they got Warrier’s result.

He said the duo was soon isolated on another floor with to “make” different AC channels sure others are protected “.

KKR owner Shah Rukh Khan also captured up on a video call draw the balance of how Everyone felt in the camp.

With five losses out of seven matches, KKR stare at an early elimination for a third season in Series, but Mysore was optimistic and drew a parallel with her triumphant 2014 season under her two-time IPL winner Gautam Gambhir.

“If you think about it back to our last championship (in 2014). Not me know if it is a coincidence or it is a good Omen or what. Exactly after seven games, we had the same thing record (two wins and five losses) and we left on to win the championship,” he concluded.

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