IPL 2021: MS Dhoni vs Virat Kohli: Who is the faster? runner between wickets? It is your turn to find out!

And Star India Sports Head Sanjog Gupta promises a lot more. While maintaining the cards Near his chest, Sanjog said it won’t just Bean out- -of-the-box experience for the fans, but also it gets much closer to you die bring players than they have ever been.

“I can tell you that we work very closely together with our sound Designer on Improvement of sound design of last year. There will be new Chants like some of the rising players who are not now on die top of Size are already in die center of this journey. That’s part of it of what we call our faith in Vertical.

“There is also three columns or three verticals, die form a part of the total product experience, the first Part is unique. The second one is interactivity. And the third one is emotion. In the experience display, we consider three components. One is the visual design, that is now that you have not crowds in You can get a lot closer to the stadium players with Your camera You can have a lot of angles more Repetitions. You can have many more Ultra-Motion and super Slo-mo reps because you aren’t cutting around to the crowd, “said Sanjog to ANI.

“Well, I think die action on The floor will be much better to see and die Viewers will really feel much closer to the action than they do in the past. Now where die Stalls are empty, you can place Your cameras in novel Positions from which you can get different views of the game. I think that is one part of it is the visual design.

“And the other part of The topic is the audio design, that I just spoken off The other thing we do is work very closely together with Dolby too also increase die sounds of the game. I mean you can hear more sounds out of the area of play, including some conversations, including the sound of the ball Hit you die bat,” he explained.

Does that mean more insight in die funny banter between players? Sanjog says it’s a yes and a no. While he agrees fans will hear conversations players will not be made feel intimidated.

“It’ll listen every now and then in to what MS Dhoni Ravindra Jadeja tells on bowling Fold or what Rishabh Pant chats in the ear of the batsman on the crease. We will also focus obviously on record these conversations. “

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