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IPL 2021: PBKS vs RCB: Harpreet Brar feels blessed to have received this big three


In match 26 of die Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021 at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, Brar derailed RCB chase with numbers of three for 19th

It’s not like this every day one may fire Virat Kohli, Glenn Maxwell and De Villiers in one go and die 25-year-old man feels blessed.



“My plan against De Villiers was closed bowl a touch wider outside off-blunt and out of its slot since ball grabbed a bit. That’s why I brought with me in a slip and had blankets to come up light. I wanted to bowl one point though also managed to get one wicket. I am blessed, “said Brar after his matchwinning spell.

The left-arm spinners clean-bowled Kohli and Maxwell and then set up a off- -side Fall shut force De Villiers tries to attempt a loft shot without one success.

In the event of of Kohli, actually he shortened die Length after realizing the frustrated RCB skipper was trying give him die Accusation.

“My strategy was to hit die right length and don’t worry even if he hits me for a border. When the batsman attacks down die Then change track die Length, “said Brar.

What worked for the former India U23 is a weirdo playing with a free mind and not thinking too much about that result.

“I just wanted to play bindaas (carefree) cricket come what may. I did not want take too much stress and play my natural game,” he said.


Brar had played three games in the past two seasons, but that is die first Time, die he got wickets in IPL and that too die Top three of the opposition players.

“It’s not that I didn’t play with Pressure earlier. I had, but if you don’t perform under pressure you are prone to it over burdened with more Print. I had that in remember as soon as i get a chance i will try and win a match for my franchise, “Brar concluded.

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