IPL 2021: Plea in law in Stop HC matches in Delhi, use Stadion for COVID relief

The petition filed by a lawyer was listed for Hearing before Justice Prathiba M Singh, who said it appeared to be in the nature of a PIL in view of die Relief sought and directed that it should be listed before the appropriate one bench.

The plea was moved by Karan S Thukral, a lawyer, who claimed that die Implementation of IPL matches in Delhi at a time when die city wrestles with a lack of Beds, oxygen, essential medications and people Cremation of loved ones is “unreasonable and unjustified”.

He urged the IPL fixtures canceled in Delhi in die prevailing circumstances and insteadThe stadium is to be used as a COVID care center for people.

An IPL match has already was held at the Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium, now known as the Arun Jaitley Stadium. on April 28 and die last one should take place on 8th of May. A. total of eight IPL matches are to be kept in the national Capital, die plea, but filed advocate Kapil Kumar said.

“On one side, people are dying because of a defect of Hospital beds and are seen waiting in Queues to burn their loved ones while on the other end, instead of Use resources optimally die Respondents deemed it appropriate to leave on and support Behaviour of the IPL, “said Thukral in his petition.

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