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IPL 2021: Punjab Kings’ Shahrukh Khan can aspire to be like Hardik Pandya, says Scott Styris

Shahrukh – who made his IPL debut in this edition for Punjab Kings – looks promising and showed a look of a big player in doing and Styris reckons that he can strive to be that next Hardik Pandya.

I only speak on Star Sports show Cricket Connected spoke to Styris on why Punjab Kings shouldn’t put Shahrukh under much of Pressure, “I think that’s a lot of To put pressure on his shoulders. I would want to back up The truck a little and say no. Just leave him play and develop! People also develop at different speeds. It could be two, three, or four seasons before he gets to a point where he’s a reliable finisher. Not me want to compare anyone with Kieron Pollard, he’s 6 feet 5, he’s huge. Shahrukh Khan is a big Guy too. Perhaps he can aspire to be like Hardik Pandya. “

“I have seen much of Shahrukh Khan because of my comment days with die Tamil Nadu Premier League and he was a powerful striker of the ball in The league. I am glad to see him go on and do the same for the Tamil Nadu side in die Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy and that’s it how He has earned his space.

“Dominic Cork just talked about players Development and moving on to India. Well, that’s what these local leagues are doing too, televising them and pressuring them. They then evolve to in their to arrive first-Class Pages and then in the IPL and then possibly in your national Pages too. So Shahrukh Khan just let him play like everything without a cap players, just let them develop; learn from the big-called players around them and when that happens, you just Not know what can come of it, “said Styris added Furthermore.

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