Irada and Mental Health Complex in Tabuk implements the hypothesis of a fake fire in collaboration with the “Civile Tabuk”

Irada and Mental Health Complex in Tabuk, in collaboration with the Directorate of Civil Protection in the Tabuk region, this morning on Thursday implemented the hypothesis of a fake fire in one of the men’s dormitory villas.

The director of the Irada and Mental Health Complex in Tabuk, il professor Khaled bin Awadah Al-Zahrani, explained that the hypothesis was successfully implemented, in collaboration with the Civil Protection of Tabuk, and the Department of Emergency and Medical Transport of Tabuk Health, since the hypothesis resulted in two hypothetical serious injuries, and one hypothetical injury mediawho were transferred to nearby hospitals via ambulance teams after providing her with emergency care, and two simple cases were dealt with on the spot.

Al-Zahrani added that the hypothesis aims to strengthen and increase the degree of cooperation between all stakeholders to deal with crises and emergencies, and also seeks to strengthen the capacities of the workers of the complex to deal with such incidents – God do not want -.

He also expressed his thanks to the Department of Civil Protection and to all the parties involved in the hypothesis, wishing them success and compensation.