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Iran and the “European Union” agree to resume nuclear talks soon

The European Union and Iran announced today, Saturday, the resumption of negotiations on the nuclear practice in the coming days, after interrupting them for more than three months, during a surprise visit by European Foreign Minister Josep Borrell to Tehran.

The announcement of Borrell and his Iranian counterpart, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, in a joint press conference in Tehran after a two-hour meeting between them.

More than a year ago, Iran and the powers still included in the 2015 agreement (France, Great Britain, Germany, Russia and China) started talks in Vienna in in which the United States, which unilaterally withdrew from the agreement in 2018 under the previous president, Donald Trump, indirectly participates.

The currently suspended negotiations aim to bring Washington back to the agreement and lift the sanctions imposed on Tehran after its withdrawal, in exchange of the return of questlast to honor the nuclear commitments it had withdrawn after the US move.

The 2015 agreement, called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, allowed for the lifting of sanctions imposed on Iran in change the limitation of its activities and the guarantee of the peace of mind of its program. However, the Trump administration reset US sanctions after its withdrawal from the deal, which angered Iran.

“My visit has the primary objective of breaking the current dynamic, that is, the dynamic of escalation” and bringing the negotiations out of deadlock, said Borrell, who was accompanied by the EU negotiator in charge of coordinating the talks. on the nuclear dossier during the one-day visit.

He added: “We will resume discussions on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action in the coming days”, underlining: “When I say in the next few days, that means quickly and directly.”

Economic benefit

On the other hand, Borrell noted that one of the main obstacles preventing progress in the negotiations is the enmity between Iran and the United States, two countries that have cut off diplomatic relations since 1980.

“There are decisions that need to be made in Tehran and Washington, but today we agreed that this visit will be followed by the resumption of negotiations between Iran and the United States, facilitated by my team to try to resolve the issues in suspended, “he said.

Borrell explained to the Iranian minister the economic benefits that Iran can derive from the relaunch of the 2015 agreement, while the country suffers from sanctions.

“Our bilateral relations have enormous potential, but without the JCPOA we cannot fully develop them,” he said in a tweet on Twitter.

He also raised the issue of the “worrying arrest of citizens of the European Union in Iran “, referring to the many Western detainees in Iran for espionage or other allegations.

For his part, Amir Abdollahian said: “We have had long but positive talks at the level of global cooperation between Iran and the European Union”.

“We have assured Mr. Borrell that we are ready to resume negotiations in the coming days. What matters for the Islamic Republic of Iran is the full economic benefit it should derive from the 2015 agreement,” he added, referring to in in particular to the revocation of economic sanctions.

“We will try to resolve problems and discrepancies through negotiations which will resume soon,” he added.

Neither Borrell nor the Iranian minister have set a date for the resumption of talks.

can be reversed

Relations between Iran and the international community have long been poisoned by the nuclear question.

The administration of US President Joe Biden has expressed a willingness to return to the nuclear deal, provided that Tehran once again respects its terms, but questthe latter asks first for the lifting of the sanctions.

In early June, Iran disconnected some of the surveillance cameras of the International Atomic Energy Agency at its nuclear sites after the United States and Europeans voted on an IAEA resolution condemning the lack of cooperation. of Tehran.

However, he quickly stated that all of these measures could be “reversed” once an agreement was reached in Vienna, the headquarters of the agency.

Iranian political analyst Ahmad Zaidabadi said: “Borrell has come to present final proposals and set a deadline, declaring that if the talks do not lead to an agreement, the failure of the negotiations will be announced in the coming days and weeks.”

“I think there are great opportunities to reach an agreement” because it is in the interest of the various parties, he added.


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