Iran announces shutdown of Israel-linked network before targeting “sensitive areas”

The Iranian Ministry of Security (Intelligence) announced the arrest of members of a network linked to the Israeli intelligence services (Mossad), who entered its territory via northern Iraq to carry out operations against “sensitive areas”, according to the media officers, today, Saturday.

According to a ministry statement reported by IRNA, Iranian security forces arrested “elements of a terrorist spy network affiliated with the Zionist intelligence service Mossad, who were sent to the country to carry out terrorist operations, and were identified before. carry out any sabotage operation “.

He added that these “were in contact with the Mossad through one of the neighboring countries and infiltrated the country through the Kurdistan region “in northern Iraq, before” all of them “were arrested.

The statement did not mention details of the number of those arrested, their nationality, the date of the event or the nature of the operations they were preparing to carry out.

However, he indicated that “they were carrying out large and unprecedented terrorist operations through the use of modern and advanced equipment and the most powerful types of explosives and communications, to target vital and sensitive areas, predetermined within the country. “.

The ministry confirmed that what it was in their possession has been seized, provided that more details about this network will be revealed “later”.

Iran accuses Israel of being behind many of the attacks that have taken place on its soil, such as the sabotage of nuclear plants or the assassination of some of its eminent scientists in recent years.

And the Iranian authorities often announce the arrests of people linked to the intelligence services of foreign countries, in particularly the United States and Israel, sworn enemies of the Islamic Republic.

In April, i media officials reported the arrest of three people in the southeastern province of Sistan-Baluchestan, suspected of having links with the Mossad, for their involvement in the publication of “confidential documents”.

In July 2021, the Ministry of Intelligence announced the arrest of Israeli “agents” and the seizure of weapons intended for use. in “riots”, following the protests in Iran against the backdrop of water shortages in the southwest of the country.