Iran: Explosion at the Parchin nuclear plant

Communication sites released scenes from a video showing an explosion in the heavily fortified structure of Parchin in southeast Tehran.

The Parchin plant is involved in the research, development and production of chemical weapons, laser technology for uranium enrichment, as well as test high-explosive nuclear weapons, as well as in the production of missiles and weapons. In April last year, the Intel Lab security research group released satellite images showing the expansion of the Parchin base buildings. It includes four new buildings surrounded by explosion-proof platforms. In November 2020, the facility witnessed the construction of dozens of new buildings surrounded by tall, thick concrete walls.

And in June 2020, an explosion occurred following a leak of a tank in the same area in a gas storage facility, and the incident occurred amidst mysterious explosions that shook Iranian facilities, including the Natanz uranium enrichment plant in that moment. Suspicions about the existence of covert nuclear activities with military dimensions were among the thorny issues that preceded the implementation of the nuclear deal in mid-January 2016.

In 2015, Tehran allowed then-director of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Yukiya Amano, to enter the base and take environmental samples from the military site to assess the “potential military size” of Iran’s nuclear program.